𝐂𝐀𝐁(A boon for 𝐇𝐢𝐧𝐝𝐮𝐬) + NRC = A curse for 🇮🇳

“ If anyone is going to tell me that CAB & NRC are different thing then let me tell you that I am not Lord Tyrion|| to believe any queen Targaryen”

Not hidden by the UN and world that the situation of minorities is Pak has been deteriorating since the times of independence . After some halt it got overdrive as the hindutva politics made space in india and then demolition of Babri mosque worked as catalyst. Other named nation is Afghanistan one who is fighting civil war and terrorism since 3 decades certainly not able to protect there minorities. Third nation in row is Bangaldesh a real culprit before indepence of bangaldesh it was eastimated 22% of Hindus and a considerable amount of bhudhhist lived but now its around one third left although major hand was of pakistan. The prosecuted minorities of this countries certainly needs our help BUT do the prosecuted minorities of of our other neighbour nation didn’t need our help? Why a prosecuted minority from Srilanka, Nepal, Bhutan, Myanmar cannot make their way to India? People will argue that they have Islamic republic, they have bhudhhist countries to run , by going logic India is for Whom? ”A question for WE”. Do we real need this type of segregated world.
A more argued aspect is that a country fighting for job and rise in population can handle the injection of lakhs of people from nowhere who will compete with them for everything in country.
Talking about NRC, we have a live model of NRC in Assam where it was purely needed to safeguard the cultural and demography of the state which have got a blow after oppression of Pakistan’s on Bangladesh . For nation wide NRC assamNRC will be a role model, where a family of a former president of India had been left out from the list of national register of citizenship, The family of veteran had been left out who had fought for this land. Surely there can be two type of errors (1) A legitimate person left out (2) An illegitimate person makes way . We have to decide which is more grave surely error 2 can’t be resolved and our grippling principle of judiciary is that hundred of guilty can be left out but not one innocent should suffer. The estimated cost of Aasam NRC was around 1600 crore does our economy is ready for a nationwide NRC? We can be assure that there will not that much of error in India than of Assam but even 1% error will force carores of people Without place to live. Another Cons is that Is a poor illterate will be able show their document for his homeland to whom he had voted to protect the same HOMELAND.
We need to give prosecuted minorities citizenship although it was use to be given earlier But with time we need changes But do we really need NRC??
Hritik Singh

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