Dhoni and The Cry for Farewell Match

To associate a farewell match with Dhoni is something which is not suited to him. Because as person whoever have known him and as fans we have witnessed him for last fifteen years. We all know for A farewell match he won’t have ever asked or waited. His period of captaincy has taught us that one should ever be ready for spontaneous decisions from him and we should not be surprised at all by it. Likes of it are everywhere like his TEST RETIREMENT. Always emptying the centrestage for others and always handing over the trophy to youngsters. Never trying to take the limelight still be the reason of the limelight. It’s just not a habit it’s a legacy which MSD is leaving. And just like Dhoni bids adieu to international cricket.

A farewell match is a very big event and more importantly one of the most emotional event of sportspersons career. Many greats wants to bid adieu their respective beloved game in grand style. That final game getting honours from your teammates and opponents. A standing ovation from the audiences with chanting his name and giving that final farewell speech. Is something very fascinating. And many craves for it. And they truly deserves it. Because it’s their right to get farewell as they serve their country and this game.

But to show emotions is something very rare with our SKIPPER. And also MSD never craves for anything he has always earned whatever he ever wants. So honestly speaking should DHONI have waited for one last farewell match? My answer would be NO.

But I would still justify the cries of farewell match from fans. He has done and gave everything we all could ever asked for. But we as fans don’t deserve to remember our Magical Skipper in last of his blues getting run-out and seeing that crying face. A match that will haunt us for many years to come. We deserve the conqueror of the world cricket to bid adieu international cricket as a conqueror. We don’t want to remember that match as your last where took us so far yet couldn’t cross the line. We deserve to see that greatest finisher of all time in blues to finish one last time. We all deserve to shed tears to see you retire. #WEDESERVEONELASTFAREWELLMATCH. Because as they say “Universe deserves a HAPPY ENDING”. And that’s what we want for our cricketing universe. To get that happy ending.

Still I don’t think it’s possible. But will wish from eternity to HAPPEN.

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