The Vanishing Vox Populi

There was a time whenever one would refer media and only news media or say people’s media would come to our mind. Well the news media still remains and social media also appeared but somewhere somehow people’s media is vanishing or already vanished. Television was a revolution when it came and with televised news. The visuals were testimony of their authencity. The need to read the newspaper to know news and spending 1-2hours behind that took backseat. And it was a luxury to have.

But the present form of television media is horrible. Media has its own power. As it called 4th pillar of democracy. The instant fame and disgrace. Never shy to called themselves self-proclaimed court who only delivers justice. And such is the power that now it has become just a power game. Again an social element turning into a business game.

For past 2 months I have not saw even a ½ hour segment of news on this so called savior of truth channels. And it’s not something by choice, but such is the toxicity in those news I can’t bear to hear them. I don’t know what type of journalism is this. Actually this all has pushback me to newspaper and DD news.

So there should be no guesses where this is heading. Yes the HOT #SSR case. Sushant was a great actor and a great human. Anyone who has watched him from beginning loved his success. And the sudden death spurred a small movement towards mental health which was expected under the circumstances. But we all cannot digest he died with depression. We needed a villain. Like every movie has. And we got it as Rhea Chakraborty. She was just perfect candidate. His last girlfriend, left him just before SSR died, his parents don’t liked her and if anything which was left to instigate it further was the FIR from his father.  And the director and producers (some media channels) were ever ready for this script. And a movie can’t be without mirch-masala. And it’s being telecast every day. And bumper TRP’s making it a hit.

Sorry if anybody getting a idea that I am sympathizing with her. But I am not. But at some point everyone must. At one side we are advocating about mental education and on the other side we are forcing another person to take the same steps. How do you think one is ever going cope up where every eyes sees you as guilty. As murderer. The way media persons treat her is just  inhuman. When you are advocating feminism then you should provide personal space to a girl. Who is still ACCUSED not yet proven guilty.

You raised a campaign for CBI inquiry. That was okay. Now if you have requested and trust them then let handle this case. And I am sure CBI and Court will give justice to SSR. There are bigger things to do. To question government. You ask government on the behalf of public. You should have raised the issue of SSC exams. You should have started campaign for that girl who was raped in an ambulance. But why would you. But they won’t provide you with bumper TRP’s right. And just like that people have lost their voice.

I hope someday journalism will recover and will reestablished itself as pillar of democracy. But for now they are not more than just Vultures.

Published by somyeshpal

Just a newcomer. And want to explore and express my ideas.

4 thoughts on “The Vanishing Vox Populi

    1. Although some still raises Students issues and didn’t give very much attention to This dramas but then they lack TRP.
      And people need to say that both sides are wrong because saying one side wrong is not normal in India now.


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