Can we say now “let the Law to take it Course”

Do we are letting the law to take it’s course

Be it SSR case or Delhi riot case or Bhima koregaon case. While in SSR case we have seen that there is more media trail of accused and every possible way to malign his/her.That’s where youngsters like us stood tall and said Hey barking media please stop “Let the law take it Course” That was very bold and brave decision from our generation am proud of that. But do you really think a Protest is subversive to the society why we were hell bend to call the CAA protesters as subvert to Society they were only exercising there right . Normally in a society constituenting the rule of law we should let the investigation run But we are living in a world where the state, in partnership with the media, does not subscribe to this restraint. In case after case, it runs nightly media trials, destroying people’s lives and reputations. The state uses investigations, leaked evidence, chargesheets as pretexts for establishing narrative dominance and to intimidate. It is not interested in guilt and innocence but it interesting in demonstrating that it can destroy your life and impunity. Government and delhi police and working very hard to describe Delhi riot as an liberal Islamist and left planned genocide of a community really we the people are believing bcz of what we see in reports. Some of us will say that if there is Umar khalid it was offcourse not in nation interest but do you remember any judgement pronounce by Court in which he was found guilty !! No . It can declare you a terrorist a drug loader or Jail you under UAPA just like dr. Kafeel khan who was jailed for almost 6 months but when the Battle was in cour HC said that the prime facia used to capture Dr. Kafeel doesn’t instigate anyone for voilance but talks about unity and integrity , Non-voilance. But the media trail had already proved him a traitor and conspiracer. The main idea is to declare any critic of government subvert to the nation . The police had shifted it goal from investigation riots to making it look like any agenda of Left liberal and Islamist. First of all it was failure of police to not be able to stop riot for 48 hrs. Then it is not true that it was riot because they were protesting it was riot bcz some people were instigating it with Slogans Like “Goli maro Salo ko” It was riot bcz an Mp called all the protestors A potential “rapist” , it was riot bcz an ordinary leader of ruling gave then ultimatem to stop protesting in presence of police without any Authority and offcourse there are elements on other side also but a person from maharastra cannot instigate voilance in Delhi .Every person named in FIR from Prashant Bhusan, Dr. Salman khursid, pinjratod’s girls To umar khalid are from one side but there weren’t anyone from other side. As they were being sloughtered by these people but reports says that the minority section people were affected more than 70% but they are capturing only their critics to just show the country that Don’t you dare to speak. This modus operandi was perfected in the Bhima Koregaon cases. There also the focus became not on the event, but targeting alleged ideological foes like Anand Teltumbde or Sudha Bharadwaj. How we can make an example of you so other intellectuals dare not speak. The law should take its own course when the state is interested in law. But when the state is using law as an instrument of ideological and physical intimidation, the phrase “let the law take its own course” becomes a cover to subvert our constitutional values.

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